Sam Shumaker is a Panamanian-American artist born in Texas in 1993. From a young age she would use painting to express her sensitive nature and obsession with the human form. After dropping out of community college from the elementary art education program with an Associate’s degree in 2016, she began her career as a visual artist in Orlando Florida after watching YouTube tutorials on oil painting techniques and videos of individuals who dedicated their lives to the creation process. Embracing the local art community she began to do shows at local galleries and became addicted to the feedback it provided to enrich her work. She began to build a community around her story and work, both online through her YouTube videos and locally at galleries. In 2017 she had her first solo show at the Henao Contemporary Center which showcased her Enchant collection of oil paintings featuring classical and historical heroines in ornate costumes and macabre themes. Since then she has been featured on various art publications such as Dear Darkling, The Guide Artists, Artborne Magazine and has been on the cover of Nonahood News and Orlando Weekly, of which she won the Association of Alternative Newsmedia’s 1st place award for best illustration. She has been featured on George Takei Presents Facebook page and has worked on several projects in conjunction with Bloomingdales, Sam Flax Art Supply, and Downtown Arts District. She lives and works in Orlando, Florida and has exhibited throughout the United States.