Surreal Lady Godiva Original Oil Painting

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Godiva jpg.jpg

Surreal Lady Godiva Original Oil Painting


Title of Work: “Lady Godiva Riding Over the English Countryside”

Price: $775

Contact or (407)925-2409 for details on adopting this painting (Sales done safely through the phone or e-mail through the Portofino Gallery in Orlando, Florida)

Size: 8”X10”

Medium: Oil Paint on Birch Wood Panel


Painting is shipped in an ornate gold frame, packed in plenty of bubble wrap and is varnished. A certificate of authenticity is enclosed to ensure a genuine original painting. 


Lady Godiva Riding Over the English Countryside

is a representation of the story of Lady

Godiva, a stubborn noblewoman whose

husband was imposing a high tax on the townspeople.

She would frequently appeal to her husband to lower

the taxes, and finally her husband told her

that he would if she rode around the town nude on a horse.

She did, and so the term “Peeping Tom” was

born when a man named Tom was blinded by the sight

of Godiva.


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