Monuments Show
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Monuments Show

The Monument as Art: Commemoration and Controversy

January 3, 2018 Monuments are commanding public attention like never before, from the near daily removal of confederate-era statues to the hotly contested reversal of national monument protections. The controversy surrounding monuments in the United States and abroad is a testament to their power and importance in the public sphere. The word ‘monument’ derives from the Latin monumentum, which can be translated as ‘something that reminds.’ Monuments remind us that we cannot run from history, however disgraceful it may be. But do we really want such reminders in public spaces, and should the oppressive symbolism of certain historical monuments go unchallenged? Should new monuments reflecting contemporary values, challenges and concerns replace those reflecting the values of a by-gone era? How are visual artists responding to the many questions and conflicts generated by monuments, past and present? In its boldest exhibition to date, Art for All Spaces hosts The Monument as Art: Commemoration and Controversy. The exhibition will feature artists’ responses to monuments and the issues that surround them. Exhibited works include concept sketches and maquettes of new monuments, as well as works addressing traditional statues of historical figures, national monuments, ancient monuments, digital, ephemeral, and non-traditional expressions of remembrance. The aim of the exhibit is to recognize the monument as an object of influence and to generate dialogue about the role of the monument in contemporary society. The public is invited to attend the opening reception on Thursday, April 19th from 6-9 PM at the CityArts Factory in Orlando Florida. A secondary opening featuring a public talk by scholars on the social impact of monument will take place in the gallery on May 3rd from 6-9pm

The Monument as Art is made possible by sponsors Matt Fox of Loves Travel stops, Fabien Mom of REA Vasgoed BV of Amsterdam Holland, Tom and Roberta Malone, , and Tommy Cannalonga of Gallery 17-92, and many others.

Samantha Shumaker, Danny Rock, Jessica King, Bonnie Sprung, Scotty Culpepper, Linda Brant, Marsha Debroske, Doris Smart, Patricia Byron, Cathy Hempel, Scott Fraizer, Tr3, Parker Sketch, Josh Garrick, Janae Corrado, Peter Forster,Richard Reep, Kayla Prommersberger, Paul Vicente ,Natasha Schaidt. Saulius Jankaskaus, Irma Kirveilne as well as students from Lake Highland Preparatory School!

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