American self educated artist Samantha Shumaker is best known for her dark surrealism oil paintings that embodies themes of worldly folklore and hauntingly sensual figures. Influences of the modern pop surrealism movement, old master techniques and macabre themes form the backbone of her works.

It begins with the first conceptualization through scrawls of graphite and charcoal; with subjects that interact with ethereal backgrounds of times past and times to come. With the stroke of the oil paint to the birch wood panel comes rich yet somber earthly color. Meticulously crafted scenery express the desire to reinvent old-age tales and render these raw stories that speak to our most primal desires and fears. The paintings are further augmented through the sculpting of a resin clay frame to create an atmospheric skeleton to the painting. Finally, each piece is assembled into a cohesive documentation of the entire process in the form of a theatrical time lapse video on her YouTube.

Shumaker is located in the Orlando, Florida area. When she is not painting, she can be found exploring hiking trails, art galleries and museums. She finds her inner bliss by supporting and interacting with the local and online social networking art community.